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At All Saints’ we believe PE is one of the many beneficial and important parts of our curriculum. As a school we aim to improve individual skills, coordination, self esteem and physical health, whilst also developing team building skills and good sportsmanship. We believe that offering all our children the opportunity to participate and thrive in a wide range of sporting activities (in class and also after school) is vital to their development in this subject.

The children start in the Early Years learning Fundamental skills that include:


Kicking a ball




Running fast

Rolling a ball

Bouncing a ball

Overarm throw


We believe developing these skills in the Early Years is important in producing children who are able to participate competently in sporting activities as they progress through. 

Throughout Key Stage 1, the curriculum means the children are given opportunities to further develop these skills through the following topics:






The children are also given the chance at the end of Year 2 to follow an intensive 6 week swimming program.

Throughout Key Stage 2, the children further extend their skills by participating in the following sessions:


Invasion games – including Netball, Football, Handball.

Net and Wall Games – including Badminton and Volleyball.

Striking and Fielding Games – including Cricket and Rounders.



OAA – Outdoor and Adventurous Activities which includes Orienteering


As part of the Key Stage 2 curriculum the children in Year 4 are given the opportunity to further develop their swimming skills by participating in weekly lessons.


We work closely with the Chorley Sports Partnership and Elaine Smith (Lead Primary PE Teacher) to ensure we deliver quality PE curriculum throughout the school. We also have a variety of other outside agencies that work with the teachers and the children to enable them to access as many different sports and activities possible.


After school we offer a rich variety of clubs for the children to participate in. These clubs run each week night and change every half term. These clubs enable all the children in Key Stage 1 and 2 access to sporting opportunities outside of the class curriculum. We also encourage the children to participate in as many different sporting competitions throughout the year as possible. We pride ourselves on the fact we try to encourage every child in school to take part in at as many competitions as they can. This is part of our achievements that led us to becoming the only school in Lancashire to achieve Gold School Games Kite Mark Status, a government led awards scheme to reward us for our commitment to competition across school and the community. This Gold Sainsbury's School Games Mark was for our commitment, engagement and delivery of competitive school sport in 2014/15. Our third successive year of this award.


Our after school sports clubs include:


Football               Netball (High 5’s)          Mini Tennis

Table Tennis       Hockey                         Volleyball  

Badminton          Skittle Ball

Multi skills           Dance

Basketball           Rounders

Cricket                Rugby Tots

Gymnastics        Sportshall Athletics


Click here to see the after school clubs planned for the year 2015/16.


Through the CSP and our local school cluster we participate in a significant number of competitions throughout the year. Last year (2014/15) the children of All Saints’ took part in 67 competitions. This year (2105/16) we have already signed up for 70 competitions and sporting festivals for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.