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Special Educational Needs

A proportion of children in the school may require some additional support (either physical, intellectual, emotional, social or behavioural) for all or part of their school career.

Pupils with SEN will be admitted to School in line with the school admission policy. The school is aware of the statutory requirements of the SEN and Disability Act and will meet the acts requirement.

School endeavours to ensure good links with feeder Pre-schools and Local High Schools over children who have SEN.

In order to give all children equal opportunity of access to the National Curriculum, we have developed our own SEN policy based on the Local Education Authority code of Practice.

This covers how we identify, monitor, support and keep records on children who receive Special Educational needs support. Support for Special Educational Needs is met from the school’s own resources and from the Local Education Authority funding, which is attached to individual children.

Children are assessed using Baseline Reception Entry Assessment activities during their first half term in school.

The results and any Special Educational needs that are identified are discussed with parents and carers during the autumn term meetings.

All children with Special Educational Needs are integrated fully into mainstream classes and may be supported in a variety of ways, e.g. individual or small group ‘in-class’ support from sources within or from outside the school; individual or small group support away from the class.

The child and his or her parents/carers are informed and involved in discussions concerning his or her needs and in the plans designed to meet them as soon as the need is identified.

We believe that it is vital to have parental support and co-operation in order to help the child overcome his or her difficulty. Where available and appropriate, advice and support is also sought from outside agencies.

One of the governors has responsibility for overseeing Special needs provision within the school.

We are aware that all children have individual learning needs and we provide them with work matched to their abilities.

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