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School Council

All Saints’ School Council 2016-2017

 These are our Year Group Representatives for the School Council 2016-2017, as voted for by their peers:

 Y6: Scarlett D

Callum S

Y5:Lola A

Jake W

Y4:Ryan B

Macie T

Y3: John B

Mia H

Y2: Isaac P

Veda R

Staff: Mr Crow and Mrs Hayes

School Council members are elected annually following election procedures. Two children from each year group represent the views of the rest of their classes.


The School Council meet once a week on Wednesday afternoons. We discuss and record any important issues that arise from the comments in the School Council suggestion box. Children in school can put ideas, suggestions or complaints in the box and the Council will discuss all matters arising. The School Council reports regularly to the Governors. One of our meetings was videoed and presented to the Governors to show a working meeting in progress.


Mrs. Hayes and Mr. Crow are the elected adults who attend the meetings to help and guide the Council. They also provide the juice and biscuits!


We will update our news on the website, so, watch this space!


Latest Meeting Minutes:

All Saints’ School Council Meeting

Wednesday 21st June 2017

  1. Apologies: - Callum S Y6; Lola A Y5; Macie T Y4
  2. Minutes of last meeting – Wednesday 24th May 2017

The minutes of the last meeting were read to the group and approved.

  1. Matters Arising:

All Saints’ has got Talent:

  • Miss Dunkley is leading the All Saints’ has got Talent competition, and the Grand Final will be on Wednesday 19th
  • Class Heats should have been completed during the previous week.

Bronze Ambassadors’ Challenge:

  • The first tally of laps has been calculated and, as a school, we have currently run 402 miles, which is the equivalent of running from here to Benodet, which is a sea-side resort in North West France.
  • The challenge will be featured in the weekly Celebration Assembly.

Times Tables Competition:

  • This has been agreed and will appear on the school diary soon.
  1. Suggestion Box:
  • There was one item in the Suggestion Box, submitted by Angel Harris – concerning having more parties. Class end of year parties will be held nearer to the end of term.




Nothing carried forward.

All Saints’ School Council Meeting

Wednesday 10th May 2017



  1. Apologies: - Scarlett D & Callum S (SATS week) & Mrs Hayes (Teaching)
  1. Minutes of last meeting – Wednesday 26th April 2017

The minutes of the last meeting were read to the group and approved.

  1. Matters Arising:

Easter Egg Hunt:

  • Mr Crow reported that the Easter Egg Hunt had not happened because of a clash of dates that coincided with two classes going on a school trip.

Sports Clubs and Competition:

  • Lola said that someone else thought that Tag Rugby was only for boys. Mr Crow confirmed that the club was for both boys and girls. The competition rules specifically say that the school team must comprise of an even mix of boys and girls.

All Saints has got Talent:

  • It was believed, but not confirmed, that Y6 had held a heat for the Talent competition.
  • All other classes had been briefed and children were talking about which acts they were thinking of doing. Mention has been made of singing / dancing / magic & comedy.
  • It is not known if the Staff Meeting decided a date for the Final.

Bronze Ambassadors:

  • Bronze Ambassadors had not yet been invited to attend the School Council meetings – but they are aware that it was the plan for them to be involved.
  • Jogging Club has started to count the number of laps run by club members.
  • Y5 and Y4 have already started to run some laps in PE as part of the warm up / warm down.
  • It was not known if these laps are being formally recorded on the pro-forma sheets provided to each class.
  1. Suggestion Box:
  • There was nothing in the Suggestion Box.
  • Members put forward their own suggestions:
  • Jake – School to run a Times Table competition, similar to the recent Spelling Bee.
  • Lola – For children to be allowed onto the school field during break / lunch times.
  • Lola – suggestions for future clubs: Dance / Singing / Gymnastics. Mr Crow said that Gymnastics is already programmed into the Club Programme for the Year. Dance and Singing Clubs had happened in the past and would be possible again if Staff can be found to run those clubs.




  1. Mr Crow to formally invite Bronze Ambassadors to the School Council Meetings.
  2. Jake to speak with Mrs Chadwick regarding his idea for a Times Table competition.
  3. Mr Crow to find out if a date has been set for the All Saints’ has Talent final.
  4. Mr Crow to speak with Mrs Partington / Mrs Chadwick about the use of the school field in Break / Lunch times.

Wednesday 26th April 2017

1.All Saints’ has got Talent 

This idea has been on hold from earlier in the year. This can now be actioned in the Summer Term.

  • Council members to speak to Classes to advertise that this will take place, to give children time to think about and practice their acts – ready for the Class Heats of this competition.
  • Mrs Hayes to raise the item at the next Staff meeting, to set a date by which time the Class Heats must be completed, and Class winners decided.


2.Bronze Ambassadors

  • Mr Crow told the meeting about our Bronze Ambassadors meeting at Southlands High School. The four Bronze Ambassadors had addressed an All Saints’ school assembly on Tuesday 24th April, and made everyone aware of the plan to get everyone taking part in jogging the equivalent of a Marathon, or even beyond, around the school field. A marathon would equate to roughly 104 laps of the field. Chorley to Athens would equate to something like 8,869 laps of the school field.
  • It had been suggested that the Bronze Ambassadors should be co-opted on to the School Council for the Summer Term, whilst planning for the School Marathon takes place. The meeting voted on this – which was passed unanimously.



  1. Council members to speak to Classes to advertise the All Saints’ has got Talent competition, to give children time to think about and practice their acts – ready for the Class Heats.
  2. Mrs Hayes to raise the All Saints’ has got Talent competition at the next Staff meeting, to set a date by which time the Class Heats must be completed, and Class winners decided.
  3. Mr Crow to invite the Bronze Ambassadors to the next School Council Meeting.


Wednesday 8th February 2017

Matters Arising:

Buddy Bench:

  • Callum showed the PowerPoint presentation to the Council members. It was very well produced and Callum and Mia were congratulated for their excellent work. There was also help from Josh S Y6

Easter Project:

  • Ongoing – needs to be moved forward at the beginning of next half term.

All Saints’ has got talent:

  • Y4 have discussed this item – voted 27 for / 1 against having the talent competition.
  • Y6 – been discussed with certain individuals, who are in favour. Not discussed as a class.

Suggestion Box:

  • Nothing in the Suggestion Box this week.


  • Council members to get feedback – would school like to do an All Saints’ Got Talent competition?
  • The Buddy Bench presentation will be made this Friday, during the Celebration Assembly. Callum to see Mrs Molyneux tomorrow morning, to ensure inclusion.