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The All Saints' Sports Blog, kindly written by Mr Crow, will keep you up to date with our sporting events and achievements.  Please read the latest reports below.

Sporting Achievement Y6 Multisports 

On Wednesday 20th September 2017, Y6 went to Southlands to take part in a Multisports competition. There were seven sports including, football; throwing & catching; gymnastics; agility; running & rugby. It was a close result with only a few points separating each team but we were not in the medals. Well done to Tegan, Harvey, Jake, Elizabeth, Amelia, Naomi, Lewis & Madison.




Wednesday 5th July 2017

On Wednesday afternoon, our Y5 school football team got a break from lessons to play Westmorland School in a friendly match.

The pitch was a fenced and very small astro-turf pitch. We played six a side and the small space meant that both teams had to produce some fast football.

Lewis scored our first goal and Westmorland soon equalised. The sides were very even, with both sides continuing to score. All Saint’s scored further goals from Oliver and two from Davis. The final result was 6-4 to Westmorland School.



Daniel D

Davis L

Harvey G

Charlie Mc

Elizabeth G

Jake W

Lewis L

Oliver W



This was a difficult match, played in very hot conditions and everyone played their part to keep the pressure up, right until the very end. A special mention to Jake W, who played an excellent first match in goal. The award this week goes to Davis, who despite bashing his head in the fencing, led the team with enthusiasm and skill.



Coronation Park, Devonshire Road, Chorley

Tuesday 13th June 2017


The annual Crown Green Bowling competition must be one of the most relaxed and pleasant competitions that we take part in; and it was the same for this year’s event at Coronation Park, Chorley.

Twelve schools had entered and were divided into two pools. We played in pool 2 and our team showed some brilliant bowling skills to win four out of five matches, quite comfortably.

At this point only four teams were left to contend the semi-final places. We had to play Lancaster Lane – Macy and Kelsey’s match was a draw and Makenzie and Matthew’s match also ended in a draw. This meant that Makenzie and Matthew had to play a tie-breaker against the two Lancaster Lane players. Matthew played two amazing bowls to put us into a two-up position. Then came one of those unforgettable moments as Makenzie played his last bowl; his aim was spot on as his bowl curled around others and actually hit the jack. Unfortunately, the bowl caused the jack to roll very slightly, but in doing so it ended up near to one of the Lancaster Lane bowls – giving them the match. Even the referee was distraught at this unfortunate twist of fate, but there was nothing that could be done about it.

We played in the third / fourth place playoff and won it very comfortably, giving us Bronze Medals.

Our team played some of the best bowls that we have seen in this competition and a bit of bad luck robbed us of what would have been Gold Medals. But, that is sport.



Makenzie A

Kelsey B

Macy P

Matthew F


16th May 2017


Y4/5 Handball We played in the handball competition at Southlands on the astro turf. We drew our first match 0-0 and lost our second 5-0. We didn’t qualify for the final but the team had all tried very hard and enjoyed the competition. Well done to Cori, Jessie, Lili-Grayce, Daniel, Macie, Lewis and Davis. Player of the match goes to Davis for being everywhere on the pitch, battling for every ball and getting the most shots on goal.











Thursday 4th May 2017


We have been to Holy Cross for competitions in the rain, in the snow and in gale force winds – so it was very nice to be there yesterday afternoon in the glorious sunshine, for the Year 6 Archery Competition.

The Archery group “The Chorley Bowmen” lead the training and the competition that followed. Eight school took part and during the competition each team member had to fire nine arrows at the target, in three lots of three.

The lady instructing our team, said they were very good and thought that they must have used a bow and arrow before, but they had not.

At the end of the afternoon we were very pleased to be awarded Bronze Medals, for third place. Well done to all of our team.



Kelsey B

Macy P

Jack P

Matthew F


Y3 Y4 TAG RUGBY (Rugby League Style)


Tuesday 20th April 2017

On Tuesday afternoon we saw snow, sleet, rain and strong winds, but at least it cleared up enough for our Y3 Y4 Tag Rugby team to compete at the Chorley Panthers pitches at Coppull. There were eight local schools taking part.

We played in a pool group that included Coppull Parish, Lancaster Lane and Croston Trinity. Unfortunately, we did not win any of our matches, but in match one and match two we showed clear signs of improvement.

Brett, Macaulay and Lili-Grayce scored our tries, all three were good efforts.


Jack B - Y3

Macaulay C - Y3

Zak P - Y3

Cori B - Y4

Jessie D - Y5

Jack N - Y4

Brett P - Y4

Lili-Grayce - Y4

Macie T - Y4



Particularly in matches one and two our players tried their hardest and worked well as a team. The Player of the Match award goes to Jack N who did his utmost to keep our players working as a team.




Thursday 20th April 2017

On Thursday afternoon, our Y5 Y6 Girls’ Football team took part in a competition at Southlands High School. There were six local schools taking part.

The first stage was a Pool Group, we were beaten by Charnock Richard but then we won 2-1 against Rivington. Elizabeth, our Captain, got both goals, one that she blasted from the penalty spot.

That win got us into the third / fourth play-off match against Mr Stretch’s team from Coppull Primary. Coppull went ahead and then we equalised after a good bit of attacking play. We got the ball into the Coppull Penalty area and the ball was bobbling around in front of goal when Casey P slid in to hit a powerful shot into the back of the net. Unfortunately, Coppull scored again late in the match, and there just wasn’t enough time for us to equalise, so we came fourth in the competition.



Elizabeth G - Y5

Amelia H - Y5

Naomi K - Y5

Kacey M - Y5

Casey P - Y5

Abigail B - Y6

Demi T - Y6



All our players tried their hardest and should be proud of their performance. The Player of the Match award was a close thing between Elizabeth, Casey P and Kacey. However, the award goes to Casey P for her determination to win the ball throughout the match.



Tuesday 28th March 2017

On Tuesday evening 8 members of Year 3 went to Holy Cross High School to take part in a Futsal Tournament. Futsal is a form of football which uses a small heavy football, which encourages lots of skill at pitch level.

There were six teams taking part and we played each of the other teams once. Our first match was against Highfield and the second against Lancaster lane. We lost both openers, but only by 1 – 0 against Highfield.

The third match against Eccleston St Mary’s turned out to be pivotal. We were ahead for most of this match, firstly from a good goal by Macaulay, and then a second goal by Jacob to put us back in front after Eccleston had equalised. Eccleston equalised once more, then right at the end they scored a third goal, which was the winner. More about this later.

Our last two matches saw us beat St Gregory’s 4 – 0 (goals Macaulay 2 and Jacob 2) and we won our last match against Rivington 2 – 0 (Jacob scored twice).

During this last match, the heavens opened with a torrential downpour. Everyone was soaked and we went inside to find out the results.

We came fourth out of six teams. We mentioned Eccleston before, well, they won the competition. If we had managed to keep ahead of them or even draw with them, then we would have been in the medals – so one goal made a big difference.

Everyone played well, and had a great afternoon – despite the soaking.



Jack B

Macaulay C

Jacob E

Willow E

Ellie K

Zak P

Hollie Q

Dane R



Everyone played their hardest, and it was a very close thing between Macaulay and Jacob, but this time the award goes to Jacob E.



Wednesday 29th March 2017

On Wednesday afternoon, our school football team got a rare break from lessons to play Westmorland School in a friendly match.

The pitch was a fenced and very small astro-turf pitch. We played six a side and the small space meant that both teams produced some amazing very fast, passing, football.

The result was a 16 – 4 victory for All Saints’, but the match certainly wasn’t as one sided as the score suggests. Matthew scored five, Jack scored five, Josh scored three, and Mackenzie, Davis and Bradley scored 1 each.

Our team played the best football of the whole season and their footwork and slick passing was a joy to watch.


Daniel D

Harvey G

Davis L

Makenzie A

Bradley C

Matthew F

Josh I

Jack P



Each team member would deserve a special mention for particular aspects of their play, and the Player of the Match could have gone to any of four players. Today, the award goes to player who showed all round qualities in defence, midfield and attack – again that could be more than one player – but the winner is Bradley C.



Tuesday 14th March 2017


On Tuesday evening 8 members of Year 4 went to Parklands Academy to take part in a Dodgeball Tournament.

Keeping it brief, we lost all our opening matches pool matches. However, it must be remembered that this was the first time that some of the team had played competitive dodgeball, and we gradually showed signs of improvement. We even won a friendly match, after the pool stage had finished.

On a positive note, we never gave up and tried our best during every match. Importantly, it was clear that everyone really enjoyed themselves and had a good time.


Cori B

Ruby C

Jessie D

Brett P


Oliver R

Dylan R

Macie T



Everyone played their hardest, but the award goes to the player who caught the most balls, and so managed to get lots of players out. That player was Dylan R.