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Sports Premium / Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Grant

The pupil premium is additional funding given to schools to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.  The government uses eligibility for free school meals as the main measure of deprivation at pupil level. 

Common barriers for disadvantaged pupils can be; weak language and communication skills, lack of confidence, more frequent behavioural difficulties, attendance and punctuality issues and less support at home.  There may also be complex family situations that can have an impact on children’s learning and progress.  The challenges are complex and varied, therefore, it is important that individual needs are identified and catered for as we are very clear that negative, outside influences are not an excuse for underachievement. 

At All Saints’ CE Primary School & Nursery , there is a school-wide commitment to raising achievement for ALL pupils and a key objective for the use of the pupil premium grant is to close the gap between pupil groups. 



  • To further develop language and communication skills
  • To close the attainment gap in Reading
  • To close the attainment gap in Writing
  • To close the attainment gap in Mathematics
  • To continue to improve confidence, independence and self esteem
  • To continue to improve the wider opportunities available for all our pupils
  • To continue to improve attendance and punctuality
  • To continue to develop parental engagement, support and partnership work to remove barriers to learning
  • For ALL pupils to achieve the highest possible standards and realise their full potential in all aspects of their learning


In 2015/16, 124 pupils of pupils were eligible under this measure.  We received £163,680 and additional funding from school’s budget was used to subsidise the Pupil Premium.


  •  Early identification and intervention. These are key to accelerating progress and maximising learning for all pupils and central to all of our practice. This is achieved in the following ways;

-strong baseline assessments and on-going summative and formative assessment inform planning, differentiation and provision mapping for individuals, groups and classes

-challenging target setting for all pupils in Reading Writing and Mathematics

-a strong emphasis on regular moderation exercises involving; school staff, school cluster and Local Authority consultants and advisers to verify judgements

-the development of robust tracking systems

- meticulous pupil tracking completed every term to identify any under achievement at the earliest opportunity

- termly progress meetings held with teachers and the SLT to ensure all pupils’ needs are accurately identified

- termly Provision Mapping completed by Senior Leaders to ensure intervention/ boosters classes and one to one work are timely and effective in closing the attainment gap for pupils and groups at risk of not meeting their targets

-SLT hold a termly Standards Meeting to monitor, analyse and evaluate learning and teaching.

-interventions are targeted and moderated using; assessment data, observations, work scrutiny, pupil interviews etc. to establish what is making a difference and what is not and analyse and evaluate performance

-swift response when under achievement is identified including; re-deployment of staff, change of intervention, use of resources, involvement of school specialist staff or ‘bought in’ services, parental involvement/support etc.

-the recruitment of high quality staff with complementary skills to provide additional support needed by our pupils and families and assist with early identification of need (Learning Mentor , 2 x Outreach Workers, Speech and Language Therapist , and part time Counsellor/ Play Therapist)


  • Ensured strong teaching of basic skills and a curriculum designed to meet the needs of the pupils at All Saints’, removing barriers to their learning and sustaining school improvement

-CPD programme linked to School Development Plan targets, teacher’s challenging appraisal targets (linked to school priorities and teacher standards) and support staff Personal Development Review targets, to ensure Quality First Teaching and expertise in learning and teaching strategies and interventions

-Local Authority Consultants ‘bought in’ (delivered advice and training in; Guided Reading & Writing, Singapore Maths , Better Reading Partners, Fast Track Phonics, Talk Boost, Well Comms, SEND Reforms,)

-Employment of Specialist Staff (Sports Coach, ICT Support Assistant, Ukulele to provide excellent curriculum support and provide a range of before school, lunchtime and after school provision (see Sports Premium Report)

- maintained commitment to providing learning opportunities in the form of visits and visitors to provoke a response of awe and wonder for our pupils (many of our pupils find questioning challenging


Funding was also used for the following:  

  • Additional lunchtime staff
  • Additional release time for DHT to closely monitor whole school progress, particularly that of PPG children.
  • Appointment of an Attendance Lead to work 5 mornings a week to improve whole school attendance- attendance reward system
  • Pupil attendance – Lead staff / Registration System/ First Reponses system
  • Employment of School sports leader to Plan/Coordinate schools extensive participation in afterschool sport and competition
  • Improved indoor and Outdoor Provision in EYFS
  • Employment of a Learning mentor to support vulnerable children and families Provision of extra-curricular activities for children both in an out of school for all Key stages
  • Provision of afterschool activities
  • School Improvement related resources/ curriculum enrichment/ specialist weeks  
  • A counsellor/therapist to work with vulnerable children one day a week
  • Financial Support for enabling pupils to participate in school residential holidays and educational trips/ visitors - school subsides much of the cost
  • All KS2 pupils receive daily fruit.
  • Milk for ALL Nursery, Reception, Year 1 & 2 children
  • Music services – one hour tuition per week teaching the Ukulele for all children in Year 4.
  • Employment of TA to develop garden and outdoor area and work with groups of children on outdoor projects.
  • Funding for resources – improved library, reading books, iPads.
  • Money Management Scheme/ Pupil Savings Scheme
  • Local Children’s Centre PPG package – 2 x Family Support Worker’s 15 hours per week’
  • Early Speech and Language Program for EYFS( Wellcomms /KS1 (Talk Boost) children


Examples of impact 2015/2016 include:




In the Year 6 cohort 69% of pupils were eligible for Pupil Premium Grant (Disadvantaged children : .


  • A higher % of disadvantaged achieved the expected standard than others
  • Disadvantaged achieved a higher % than disadvantaged nationally and Locally (Lancs LA ) .


  • A similar % of disadvantaged children achieved the expected standard as others
  • Disadvantaged achieved a higher % than disadvantaged nationally and Locally (Lancs LA ) .


  • Disadvantaged children achieved similar to other disadvantaged Nationally.


  • A higher % of disadvantaged achieved the expected standard than Non Disadvantaged and similar non Disadvantaged children Nationally.
  • Disadvantaged achieved a higher % than disadvantaged nationally and Locally (Lancs LA ).

Achievement (attainment & progress) of groups at Key Stage 2 


Reading % expected

Writing % expected

Maths % expected

GPS % expected



























Above disadvantaged children nationally in Reading, Writing and GPS; similar in Maths


Disadvantaged achieved a higher ASS ( Average Scaled Score ) than others in Reading and similar scaled score to others in Maths

43% of disadvantaged pupils) attained the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Mathematics (slightly above national disadvantaged 39%)

5% of disadvantaged pupils attained the High Standard in Reading, Writing and Mathematics (slightly above national disadvantaged 2%)

















- 0.72












Progress in reading, Writing and Maths was better than other disadvantaged children nationally.



  • Improved Whole School attendance( 3 terms school data )

2013 - 93.7 %

2014 - 95.4 %

2015 - 95.8 %

2016 - 96.3%


  • The gap between School absence and other schools nationally is closing and is now less than the National Average for Primary schools


Absence School National Average Median for Sch FSM Level
2013 6.7 4.8 5.8
2014 4.9 3.9 4.6
2015 4.6 4.0 4.7
2016 3.5 3.9 5.2
(ROL 2016)


  • ROL data (2016) shows that for Aut & Spr term FSM children (absence 4.1%), attendance was poorer that Non FSM children (absence 2.6 %), but is better than that of other FSM children Nationally (absence 5.2%).

The above indicates that the school's provision for monitoring and improving attendance for PP pupils is highly effective.


Whilst the school intends to continue with many of these strategies in 16/17, provision/actions for Pupil Premium children are subject to constant review and subject to a variety of factors eg pupil progress review, analysis of data and the individual needs of children.




Our Sports Premium


Our Sports Premium


At Chorley All Saints’ we have always placed a high importance on our PE and Sport provision and have received a variety of awards for this commitment. We are lucky to have an enthusiastic team of staff who not only deliver high quality teaching of PE during curriculum time, but also commit themselves to providing a wide range of opportunities for children to enjoy PE and Sport through after school and lunchtime clubs. We endeavour to give our children opportunities to experience different sporting challenges as they move through the school, and to develop their talents in appropriate competitive formats.

The government’s commitment to provide new funding for Primary PE and Sport means that we can now look to further develop and enhance the experience of the children at All Saints’ in this area.

The funding entitles our school to £8,000, plus an additional £5 per pupil aged 5 or over (at the time of the census in the January of each academic year). This means that, in the academic year 2016-17, we received £8870 to develop PE and Sport in our school. As you can see we used our allocation and add to it using our school fund.


At All Saints’, we are using our funding to:


£4372.98- To Chorley SSP

Chorley Schools Sports Partnership (CSSP) remit is to:

Improve the educational experience for all young people through PE, school sport health and culture. Our aim is to inspire the next generation to develop lifelong participation in physical activity and an understanding of the importance of physical and mental wellbeing.



  • To raise standards in teaching and learning through delivering high quality PE, school sport, health related activities and cultural & performing arts
  • To inspire learning and achievement
  • To provide more young people with the opportunity to compete, achieve their personal best and fulfil their potential.
  • To increase regular participation in school and community sport
  • To reduce sedentary behaviour
  • To support young people to take ownership and develop life skills through leadership opportunities


Chorley SSP will deliver the following in and for our school during this academic year

  • Sporting competitions in school and across the district including leagues and one off competitions and inclusion development opportunities / festivals.
  • Provide Bikeability on road trainings levels 1 & 2 for Y5/6
  • Providing balanceability with Reception and learn 2 ride for those in KS2 who can’t yet ride
  • Deliver a Gifted and Talent assessment of Year 6 pupils and run a camp and parent workshop of whom this year we had two children who were assessed as Gifted and Talented in the top 40 children in Chorley. This has led to other opportunities for them to compete against other children at the highest level.
  • Develop the Change 4 life clubs concept through supporting staff and running festivals and providing resources / equipment.
  • Support school staff, provide 2 PE Subject leaders days, 1 to 1 meetings and CPD opportunities
  • Provide PE teachers and specialist sport coaches to work alongside class room teacher to enhance their knowledge of the PE curriculum and assessment. This support is based on an audit completed each year where teachers analyse their areas for development and the support then enables them to deliver high quality PE lessons in more confidently in the future.


Deliver cultural activities and provide a creative writing and artistic competition


£2700 – cluster package with Southlands High School

  • Includes – 2 teacher support blocks – 1 morning/afternoon per half term twice over the year – 2 teachers per block.
  • PALS training, Y5 more able support, Staff inset training, 28 L2 competition, 1 virtual comp per year group.   PLT support and updates over the year.
  • This additional support is helping to up skill all of our teachers including two teachers who were new to or school in 2016/17.


  • The competitions entered through these supportive networks allow all children in school to compete at different levels. The children take part in a wide variety of different sports enhancing their confidence and competence. All children are encouraged to take part regardless of their ability and this in turn allows them to work together as a team and be more active whilst learning and developing new skills.


£3420 – Additional Intensive Swimming

  • To purchase a block of Intensive Swimming coaching (½ a term of swimming, twice a week for 1 hour) for Year 2 children.
  • To increase Year 4 weekly 1/2 hour swimming session to 1 hour.


Additional Spending

  • Employ a part time School Sports Coach who coordinates clubs/ competitions throughout school.
  • Further develop our provision of extra-curricular Sports clubs run by our School Sports Coach and Competition Leader.
  • To continue with our award winning ‘Change for Life’ Sports Club, targeted specifically at children who have not taken part in any sports club/ competitions. Children are selected to ensure they can feel comfortable in this group of similar ability children.
  • Continue our commitment to school competition through entering more competitions organised by Chorley School Sports Partnership, the Local High Schools and Chorley Council. The funding will help in providing resources and training to help prepare for competitions and in providing transport for children to attend these events.
  • To purchase new materials to enhance our provision of PE throughout school.
  • Maintain staff professional development
  • To buy in a variety of different activities to enthuse children help them experience a variety of sport eg. Football & Healthy Eating, Ozonefit Commando Cadets
  • To take part more charitable sporting events and encourage parental involvement.


All Saints’ School has always been passionately committed to providing our pupils with high quality Sports and PE both. Many of the initiatives above were in place prior to Sports Premium Funding allocation and this will remain a priority to school and be sustained over the coming years through the up skilling of all staff and the commitment to encouraging all children to take part in sporting activities regardless of ability. We believe that good quality PE sessions and clubs our children become confident and competent sports enthusiasts.


Impact of funding 2015/16:

  • Achieved Sainsbury’s Sports ‘Gold Kite Mark’ Award for the 4th year running. This recognises our commitment to the development of competition across our school and out in the community.
  • School was nominated for ‘Primary School of the Year Award 2015/16’ by the local Council for commitment to Sport and PE.
  • We have continued to work alongside Chorley School Sports Partnership (CSSP), which has impacted on the amount and range of extra-curricular clubs we can provide. Where specialist coaches have been used in curriculum time, our involvement with the CSSP has increased children’s attainment as well as helping to develop the skills of staff. It has also increased the number of intra- and inter- school competitions for children in all year groups.
  • In 2015-16 school took part in a record number of Level 2 Interschool sports competitions (60 competitions) across 23 different sports.
  • Within school, 99% of children Y1 to Y6 represented school on at least one occasion and 100% of KS2 children took part in at least one after-school sports club, across a range of 25 different sports.
  • We are exploring further specialist coaching opportunities in preparation for competition. This will increase pupil attainment eg Rugby Tots
  • All Saints’ school was awarded a CSSP award- Winner of the Change 4 Life Sustainability Programme 2015, and nominated for the same award again in 2016.  

Over the Year school won (Team & Individual): 2 Gold medals, 2 Silver Medals and 4 Bronze Medals !