Chorley All Saints Church Of England Primary School And Nursery Unit

Love to Learn, Together with the Lord


Spring 2


Attendance – The Magic 97

Well done everyone! Keep up the good work!


The attendance percentage is being calculated on the number of children achieving the Magic 97%.

The averages: Week 1 – 87.3%, Week 2 – 87%


The winning class is Year 3 with 92.9% of children making The Magic 97


It is important that we receive a telephone call on the first day of absence. In the case of any absence, parents must also provide an explanation of the reason for absence either by email (, telephone (01257 262489) or text (07478654913). This information will be added to your child’s school record.

Under current legislation, head teachers are still no longer able to authorise leave in term time. I would like to ask parents to support us in complying with the legislation by not taking leave. We hope that parents will acknowledge and understand the limitations placed on schools in granting any leave in term time.

Therefore, we need parents to support the school in our efforts to reduce unnecessary absence and thus minimise the impact on the education of our pupils. The pace of the curriculum is such that when your child is away from school, the learning they miss will significantly have an effect on future learning and can often not ‘be made up’.  

Attendance Policy