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Love to Learn, Together with the Lord


Welcome to our Nursery Page!

 Miss Dunkley, Mrs Warburton, and Miss Bamber will be working hard to help your child settle into school life and get ready to become an All Saints' Learner. We will nurture and support your child through a range of exciting and stimulating topics. Choosing engaging texts that may prompt and spark children's interest into learning new skills and knowledge. We will provide lots of opportunities to talk throughout all our curriculum. 

In Nursery, we love the outdoors and messy exploration and you will often find us playing outdoors and splashing in muddy puddles. We encourage our children to share their interests both in and out of school and use their ideas as foundations for creative learning opportunities. 

Nursery Long Term Plan 2022 - 2023 

Early Years

Please find below information for you to help understand the aims of the early years curriculum, how children learn throughout their early years and what you can do to support them.

Early Years Parents Guide


 We use Seesaw to share our learning experiences in nursery and encourage parents to share children's learning and experiences from home.

Please find below our Curriculum Letters and Enhancement ideas:-

Autumn Term 1:-

Autumn 1 Curriculum Letter

Autumn 1 Enhancements

Knowledge Organiser 'Magical Me'

Autumn Term 2:-

 Autumn 2 Curriculum Letter

Autumn 2 Enhancements

Knowledge Organiser 'Celebrating the World'

Spring Term 1:-

Spring 1 Curriculum Letter

Spring 1 Enhancements

Knowledge Organiser 'Rumble in the Jungle'

Spring Term 2:-

Spring 2 Curriculum Letter - 'Mighty Minibeasts'

Spring 2 Enhancements

Knowledge Organiser 'Mighty Minibeasts'

Our Author this half term:-

Eric Carle

Our Aspirational person this half:-

'Sir David Attenborough'

Summer 1:-

'Discover Dinosaurs'

                                                                   Dino Images - Free Download on Freepik

    Summer 1 Curriculum Letter - 'Discover Dinosaurs'

Summer 1 Enhancements

Knowledge Organiser - 'Discover Dinosaurs'

Our Author this half term:-

                                                                             Tom Fletcher

                                                                         Tom Fletcher | Penguin Random House

Our Aspirational person this half:-

                                                                               Mary Anning

                                                                      Mary Anning - Wikipedia

Nursery's Favourite Authors:-

Martin Waddell

Eric Carle

Mara Alperin

Anna Llenas

Useful Websites

Encouraging Children's Independence

Hungry Little Minds

Tiny Happy People Language Development

Words for Life - Activities for language develpoment

Nursery Play and Stay

Nursery Gallery