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ALL SAINTS BLOG--- February 2021

From Brian Souter, Chairman of the Governing Body

Well we have a road map out of lockdown and we know that all children will be returning to school on 8th March. It will give the teachers and children three weeks of lessons before the Easter Break. I am sure that children, parents, teachers and all school staff will be delighted that everyone will be back together within two weeks time.

I really want to take this opportunity of thanking the school staff for their incredible efforts in providing work for children to complete at home and at school, as well as maintaining contact with our school families. We are also very thankful to parents and carers for the way in which they have supported the school over the course of the last few challenging months. It has been wonderful to witness the way in which the school community has worked together this school year.

Hopefully the final term of the school year will be a brilliant term, with great learning, great lessons and great weather.

We have been very fortunate in that there have been very few periods of isolation of classes since September and that this continues to be the case through until the summer. The school will continue to take all the necessary safety precautions.

Best Wishes to you all

Brian Souter—Chairman of the Governing Body on behalf of all the Governors    

On behalf of the Governing Body

Blog--- November 2020

 We all realise and recognise the difficulties faced by the country and schools since March of this year. The lockdown lasted from March until early June. All Saints` was open for certain families throughout the lockdown, including holiday times. Almost 40 children and their parents took advantage of being in school throughout the lockdown and the remainder of the school population were sent work home. The Governors are extremely grateful to the staff at school for their wonderful efforts in maintaining contact with children and parents throughout the lockdown period.

Since September the school has had in place a very rigorous risk assessment plan and it is to the great credit of the children and parents that they have adapted to the many changes in school, such as being taught in bubbles and different lunch times. This has assisted in keeping everyone safe and also to date no group has had to isolate at home.

As always I have been most impressed how all the school community, staff, parents and children have faced up to the challenges presented by Covid 19. The Governors are very appreciative of the hard work and support of you all and once again it shows how everyone at All Saints` work together during difficult times.

Please keep safe and hopefully all will be back to normal in early 2021


Brian Souter Chairman of the Governing Body

Message from Chairman of the Governing Body - March 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian


On behalf of all the Governors at All Saints’ I really must congratulate all members of the school, children, teachers, support staff, parents and fellow governors on the recent two superb inspection reports. These are the Ofsted and Siams reports. Copies of both are to be found on the school web site.


Both of the reports do emphasise and highlight many strengths of the school. The Siams inspection report gave a grade of OUTSTANDING and the Ofsted report was GOOD. Such high quality reports only come with hard work, total commitment to the school values and the support by all and for all members of our school community.


As always in a school there are areas which can be improved and you can rest assured that the school will be focusing its efforts on these over the coming months. I do visit school often and I am always impressed with the excellent behaviour of the children and the high quality of the teaching.


Best wishes to you all


Brian Souter

Chairman of the Governing Body


Message from Chairman of the Governing Body - December 2016


We had a very successful Ofsted Inspection in December 2016. There were only TWO areas that were highlighted as areas of improvement, these were:

  • To provide appropriate opportunities for the most able pupils including those who are disadvantaged, to deepen and extend their knowledge and apply their skills to increase the progress they make to reach the highest standards in reading and science
  • Governors to improve their monitoring of the school’s web site.


Message from Chairman of the Governing Body - April 2016


As always the school has been extremely busy over the term since Christmas. As we come towards the end of the term I would like to highlight a number of successes.


The school has recently been awarded the “Church Distinctiveness” Award. This is a prestigious award to receive and Mrs Partington received the award on behalf of the school, quite recently, at Blackburn Cathedral.

Attendance for the school continues to improve and at present the average attendance is slightly over 96%. This is a real improvement over the last two years and is excellent news. We all know that good attendance at school is one of the major reasons for success ar school.

The new entrance and cloakroom at the Key Stage Two entrance has now been completed. It really has improved the entrance both in appearance as well as safety for the children.

Could I remind children and parents that we do have the facility in school for children to join the Unify Credit Union Junior Savers Scheme. A number of children are members and it is a great way for children to save money.

A huge thank you to our school joiner Mr Redman for making our "Throne of Words" chair at no cost to the school. You will hear more about the "Throne", when the children interview some important guests next term.

I often visit school and I am always impressed and encouraged by the way the children behave in their lessons and how they are also always on task. I am sure we send our best wishes to year six and Mrs Marsden during their SATs week beginning on Monday 9th May. They have worked extremely hard this year and deserve to do well.

On behalf of the Governors I would like to thank both the teachers and children for their hard work throughout the term and parents for their support.

Enjoy the two week break

Brian Souter--Chairman