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The Governing Body at All Saints' CE Primary School uses it’s collective knowledge and experience to support the school at all times. We meet every term as a Full Governing Body. We have two committees who also meet every term.  One of the committees discusses the curriculum, standards and data, whilst the other discusses school resources, premises and the welfare of staff and children.

The Governing Body has three main functions and they are:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

We meet these functions by:

  • Being a critical friend to the school, offering support and advice
  • Help the school to respond to the needs of parents and the community
  • We monitor and evaluate the schools progress by asking challenging questions
  • Helping the school to set high standards by assisting in the planning for the school’s future and setting targets for school improvement
  • To ensure there is a good quality education in order for the children to achieve the highest possible standards
  • To work with the Headteacher and staff to make sure that the school is accountable. We are answerable to the parents, children and the Local Authority for the performance of the school.

The Governing Body at All Saints CE Primary School is composed of

2 Parent Governors

1 Authority Governor

1 Staff Governor

1 Headteacher

8 Foundation Governors

1 Co-opted Governor

14 in total

Governors serve for a total of 4 years

The Chair is elected every year by the Governing Body


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To support the headteacher and staff as they continually look to improve the school


We act as critical friend, always being available to offer support and advice to the headteacher and staff. We also monitor and evaluate how effective the school is by asking challenging questions.


We help decide the school's strategy for improvement, so that our children learn effectively and achieve the highest possible standards.


To ensure that there is good quality education in the school


We work with the headteacher and staff to make sure that the school is accountable. We are answerable to the parents, children and Local Authority for the performance of the school.


Business Interest Declaration





Term of Office

Business Interest Declared


Gwen Barnes



30 Sep 2013 -

6 Mar 2021

None Declared


Charlotte Roberts

Deputy Head



None Declared


Elizabeth Fletcher

Associate Member


1 Jan 2016 -

30 Nov 2023

Elizabeth Fletcher Accounting Services

Year 6

Heather Horne



 1 Jan 2020-

 1 Jan 2024

None Declared

Year 3

Christine Ireland



2 Oct 2015-

1 Oct 2023

None Declared

Year 1

Sarah Partington




Husband Business - Ozonefit

Husband Business is Service Aid


Jeanette Seddon



1 Sep 2014-

31Aug 2022

None Declared


Brian Souter (Chair)



16 Mar 2012-

5 Nov 2023

Debt Advice Foundation

Year 6

Shirley Starkey



19 Oct 2013-

18 Oct 2021

None Declared

Year 2

Father E N Straszak (Vice Chair)


Resources (Chair)

10 May 2015-

8 May 2023

St Michael’s Academy Trust

Year 5

Charlotte Ward

Local Authority


7 Mar 2013-

6 Mar 2021

Charlotte Ingham T/A

Mini Movers


Joanna Walters

Business Manager



 None Declared

Bernard Golding

Clerk to






Andy Pearson




None Declared


Peter Grimshaw

Associate Member



Governor Involvement

Governors are becoming more involved not only with the school as a whole but now with individual classes . Each governor has been assigned to a class and will make regular visits to meet the class teacher and children, they will then report back to the committees sharing both successes and any questions that may have been raised. Each governor will also concentrate on a particular area that is of interest to Ofsted and again share that deeper understanding; this should enable us to be a stronger more aware Governing Body better able to take the school forward.

Governors meet regularly, we have a Resources committee for mainly buildings and finance and a Curriculum committee which looks at matters concerning teaching and learning. This is the first of what will be a regular Governors’ newsletter but in the meanwhile if you have any questions about governors or you would like more details on what we do please feel free to ask me.


Governor Attendance

Click here  Autumn 2015-Summer 2018 and Autumn 2018 - for the latest Governor attendance sheet.

Click here  Autumn 2015-Summer 2018 and Autumn 2018 - to view the latest Governor Attendance at Curriculum and Finance Committee Meetings


Latest News

31st March 2017 

Ofsted and Siams report.

Following our recent Ofsted and Siams inspection, please click here to see our latest Governor Announcement.  


Lancashire Evening Post, December 10th 2015

Lancashire’s primary school 2015 league tables.

‘Most of the county’s primary schools are rated as good, and one way this shows in the league tables is through the value added measure. The benchmark is 100, and if a school is able to add to a child’s education, beyond his or her academic expectations, they are given a mark of more than 100.

Chorley All Saints Primary, for example, has a value added mark of 102.’

The governors would like to congratulate not only the staff but also the children past and present along with their parents and carers who have made this recent achievement possible. The school goes from strength to strength; good and outstanding teaching and strong leadership along with parental involvement and our best ever attendance figures has led to a consistent rise in standards.

Work on the new entrance is going well and should be ready for the start of the new term, it should make the start and the end of the day much safer and easier (and hopefully lead to fewer lost PE kits and jumpers.)

On behalf of the Governors, Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

Gwen Barnes , Parent liaison governor