Chorley All Saints Church Of England Primary School And Nursery Unit

Love to Learn, Together with the Lord

Year 1


Welcome to Year 1!

Year 1 is an exciting year where the children will further develop their confidence and independence.

Our classroom environment is based on encouragement, fun, resilience, hard work and trust.

We have lots of exciting topics this year!

We value the support you give your children at home and by working as a team we will have a very successful year!


Class Teacher: Miss. G Partington

Teaching Assistants: Mrs. S Rutter and Mrs. R Cosens



In Year One we encourage the children to read every day. Studies show that children make more progress when they complete regular reading at home and in school. 

Reading books and diaries should be sent into school every day with your child, so that children can read to an adult in school. Reading books will be changed twice weekly, on a Tuesday and on a Friday. Please make sure to write any comments and sign your child's reading diary each time they have read at home.


Authors of the Half-Term

Every half-term, to further promote the children's love of reading, we will be finding out about a new author and exploring several of their books. The children love to vote for a story at home time (choice of two, both written by our author of the half-term) and listen to the winning one!


Author of the half-term: Autumn 1

John Burningham

 Author of the half-term: Autumn 2

Sue Hendra

Author of the half-term: Spring 1

Julia Donaldson

Author of the half-term: Spring 2

Beatrix Potter

Author of the half-term: Summer 1

Ian Whybrow


Year One's PE this half-term will be on a TUESDAY and a THURSDAY. It is essential that children bring their full school PE kit to get changed into, on these days, in order to take part. Prior to school, please ensure that children have removed any earrings on these days and that long hair is tied up. 



Your child will be assigned a homework task once a week. This may be assigned on Seesaw or a physical copy may be sent home. Please help your child to complete their weekly homework challenge and return by the date stated.



We use Seesaw to share our hard work and learning in the classroom. We also encourage parents to share their children's learning and experiences from home. If you are unable to access Seesaw or require your child's log in details again, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Please find below a copy of our yearly subject curriculum map and knowledge organisers. These can be used at home to help encourage your child to discuss their learning. 


Year 1 Yearly Subject Curriculum Map


Knowledge Organisers (See below)

Autumn 1

Y1 Autumn 1 Science Knowledge Organiser (Animals)

 Y1 Autumn 1 Art Knowledge Organiser (Collage)

Y1 Autumn 1 Geography Knowledge Organiser (All Saints')

Autumn 2

Y1 Autumn 2 Science Knowledge Organiser (Animals)

Y1 Autumn 2 History Knowledge Organiser (Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot)

Y1 Autumn 2 Science Knowledge Organiser (Light and Astronomy)

Spring 1

Y1 Spring 1 DT Knowledge Organiser (Mechanisms)

Y1 Spring 1 History Knowledge Organiser (The Great Fire of London)

Y1 Spring 1 Science Knowledge Organiser (Animals including humans)


Spring 2

Y1 Spring 2 Art Knowledge Organiser (Printing- Andy Warhol)

Y1 Spring 2 Science Knowledge Organiser (Light and Astronomy)

Y1 Spring 2 Geography Knowledge Organiser (Our Local Area- Chorley)

Y1 Spring 2 Computing Knowledge Organiser (Manipulating Images)

Y1 Spring 2 RE Knowledge Organiser (Easter)


Summer 1

Y1 Summer 1 Science Knowledge Organiser (Everyday Materials)

Y1 Summer 1 RE Knowledge Organiser (Baptism)


Please find below our newsletters.

Autumn 1 Newsletter

Autumn 1 Curriculum Enhancements Letter

Autumn 2 Newsletter

Autumn 2 Curriculum Enhancements Letter

Spring 1 Newsletter

Spring 1 Curriculum Enhancements Letter

Spring 2 Newsletter

Spring 2 Curriculum Enhancements Letter

Summer 1 Newsletter

Summer 1 Curriculum Enhancements Letter