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Free Childcare


30 hours free childcare from September 2017

30 hours free childcare for working parents of three and four year olds will be available from September 2017.

The 30 hours extended entitlement is double the 15 hours currently available for all three and four year olds. Eligible parents could use it as 30 hours during term time or spread the hours over the full year (1140 hours in total).

When to apply

Your child is eligible from the term following their 3rd birthday. To start accessing a place as soon as your child is eligible you must confirm your eligibility before the start of the term they will be eligible.

If you do not confirm your eligibility and receive an 11 digit code by the date listed below, you will not be able to access your additional hours until the start of the next term.

Child's birthday When you can access a place Apply by
1 January to 31 March 1 April 31 March
1 April to 31 August 1 September 31 August
1 September to 31 December 1 January 31 December


You can apply through the Childcare Choices website. If you are eligible you'll get an 11 digit eligibility code to give to your childcare provider (you need this to access your free place).


To be able to access the extra hours both parents need to be working (or the sole parent is working in a lone parent family), and;

  • Each parent earns on average, a weekly minimum equivalent to 16 hours at National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage
  • Earns less than £100,000 per year (when one parent in a household has an income of £100,000 or more, that family will not be eligible to take up the extra free hours).

'Working' means both employed and self-employed persons may be eligible.

You do not need to actually work 16 hours a week, but your earnings must reflect at least 16 hours of work at National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage. This will be at the new rate of National Minimum Wage from April 2017 which will be:

  • For ages 25 and over £7.50 per hour, or £120 a week
  • For ages 21-14 £7.05 per hour or £112.80 a week

Families may also be eligible where one parent gets benefits relating to caring responsibilities or a disability and the other parent is working.

The current entitlement of 15 hours per week for 38 weeks (570 hours) of free early education for all three and four years olds will still be available even if you aren't eligible for the additional entitlement. Visit the Childcare Choices website for more information about Government help with childcare costs. 

Full details will be set out in regulations once they have been confirmed by the government. We will share this as soon as it is available.


Help and advice

If you find it difficult to access the childcare provision you need, contact our Family Information Service and they will discuss your options and help find a solution that helps.